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Born in Peristeri - Athens in August 1958
He was taught drawing at the school of I. Economidou.
He studied ceramics at the ceramics school of OAED with A. Makaris, M. Papadopoulos and E. Papaioannnou as teachers.
He attended seminars on:
HIGH SALT by Richard Laumder
PAPER KILN by Aline Fayre
RAKU TECHNIQUE by Th. Chorafa - K. Tarkassis
PAPER CLAY by Rosette Gault
87 - 88 - 89   Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition in Marousi
90 - 91 - 92   Modern Ceramists' Exhibition in Athens, Thessaloniki, Markopoulo and Rafina
93   Art Exhibition in Peristeri
96    Canadian - Greek Ceramics Symposium in Banff Centre for the Arts
Exhibition at the Banff Gallery in Calgary
97  Greek - Canadian Ceramics Symposium in Margarites - Crete Exhibition at the Centre of Culture in Rethymno - Crete and at the Vorre Museum in Athens
98 - 99 - 00   Art Exhibition at the Anetopoulos Museum in Volos
00 - 01    Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition in Marousi
03 - 04 - 05 - 06   Group Art Exhibitions of Western Athens
2006    Design - Creation of the Innovation Award of Cyprus
2008   "Rendez vous de Arts" in Athens
2009/ August   "Mediterranean Symposium" in Volos
2009/September   "Year of Astronomy" Exhibition during the 9th Astronomical Conference in the University of Athens
2009/October   "Science and Art" Exhibition during the 3rd Conference of the Greek Physic's Union in the University of Athens


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Website: :http://www.facebook.com/tasos.rallis.7

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