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He was born in 1958 in Athens, where he lives and works. He has been ranning  his own pottery studio since 1990.

He sτudied in ceramics with Nikos Sklavenitis (1986-1992)

He also  studied micro-sculpture and gemstones processing (1989-1991) at the Sculpture School of EOMMEX (Hellenic Organization of Small & Medium sized Enterprises and Handcraft) with professor Nikos Lamprinidis.

 He attended seminars on Architectural Ceramics (1990 – Setsuko Nagasawa), on History of Art (1991-1993 – Pantelis Tsavalos) and on Porcelain (1993 – David Leach).

He has a Specialty Training Certification in Handmade Ceramics from

EOPPEP (National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance) and he is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.

He has been teaching ceramics & jewellery at the Cultural Center of Galatsi since 2003, since 2007 ceramics at the Center of Modern Pottery Study (Psaropoulou Foundation) and silverwork & serigraphy at the Special Centre of Social and Vocational Integration of OKANA. Since 2009 he has been collaborating with the educational administration of the Museum of Cycladic Art for the construction of Ancient Greek ceramic toys and with Akis Gkoumas for the construction of Cycladic ceramics according to modern concept.

He has exhibited his works in:

Pan-Hellenic Ceramics Exhibition (1997, 1999, 2001)

Greek Artist Exhibition (2002, Vallauris, France)

Ceramics Exhibition (2003, Anetopoulou Foundation)

Collective Exhibitions of the Cultural Center of Amfissa

Collective Exhibitions of Fine Arts of Galatsi (2004)

Keramina Exhibition (2006, Cecina, Italy)

Regular Report artistic pottery " Greece - Cyprus 06/ 07 »

2008: Group Exhibition at the Cultural Center of Amfissa

Pan-Cyprian Ceramics Exhibition (2010, Municipality of Athiainou, Cyprus)

2011 November group exhibitions at the Research Center of Modern ceramics entitled





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Address: Athens 



Mobile: +306972512667

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