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She was born in Athens in 1959 and spent her years in the Belgian Congo, the present-day Democratic Republic of Congo. She holds a first BA in Painting from the Athens School of Fine Arts, where she pursued her studies under the supervision of the artists and academicians D.Mytaras and P.Tetsis.

In 1995, she completed an MA in Painting with specialization in human figure after gaining the prestigious scholarship of the State Scholarships Foundation.

Alongside her academic advancement, she worked as an art teacher in secondary education for 16 years (1986-2002).

In 2011 she completed a second BA in engraving from Michalis Arfaras’ workshop of the Athens School of Fine Arts.

She participated  in the 7th Triennial in Engraving in France, in the 2nd Triennial Ex libris in Lefkada  and also in many collective exhibitions in Greece and abroad.



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Address: P.O.B. 9529

P.C. 19003 Porto Rafti

Markopoulo Attica


Telephone: +302299072863 

Mobile: +306942486567      

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