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Sini Papagianni was born in Athens, Greece in 1960.
She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (A.S.K.T.) next to G. Moralis and D. Mitaras.
From 1981-82 She lived in Paris, where she had the opportunity to study painting at the biggest European museums.
She has taught at the municipal painting workshops of Metamorphossis in Athens and participated at the 2nd Balkan Painting Symposium, (Kontias/ Limnos).
She presented her art work in many solo and  group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.
Her works can be found at the Kouvoutsaki Gallery, the National Bank Collection and at many private collections in Greece and abroad.
From Tangibility to revelation
In earthy tones collating with the satin of azure, Sini Papayanni shapes her landscapes as a means to revelation. In her previous work as well as in her recent one, the painter aims not at depiction, without though completely abrogating the recognizability of  the elements, which she relies on to form he plastic compositions. Her interest goes beyond the tautology of the real, aiming at he tangibility and the texture of the surfaces, as they open a dialogue with the illusion of the closer and deeper perspective fields, so that the functionality of the senses –which lie deposited in the memory- can emerge. A memory however, constantly changing, defined by the psychic factor and the catalytic disposition, which arouse its folds while creating associations with the present. In spite of the above, phenomenology doesn’t primarily dominate those landscapes, which reveal existential questions concerning stable and changeable values, moment and duration, presence and absence as well as the nature of changes and transformations.
Hillocks and wide horizons with narrow vegetation or barren soil, shelter the solitude of a tree or a dry branch trying to resist the north wind, stoically facing the whirl of clouds and through it the fate of times, summing up invincible life adventures with its reefs, hitches and escapes. The brushwork sometimes focuses on detail and other times liberates itself, combining figurativeness with gesticulated abstraction and color tones with rhythms arising from the inner structure of each composition. The quality, however, and the color coating, the use of embellishments and materials almost forming embossments create a sense of emotiveness triggering off the viewer’s fantasy.
The light subtly weaves rosy strings into ashy ones, ochre into cypress green, ulex yellow into chestnut brown, orange colors of the early spring into emerald of the autumn and violet of the evening.
Sini Papagianni’s landscapes attract and simultaneously distance the intention of a touch, bringing close the ephemeral and at the same time eliminating the laws of decay inherent to it. The ephemeral enigmatically shares its position with the allegory regarding the past and the futurity, while the look keeps trying to detect the elements concealed from sight, flickering through their talkative silence.
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