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Achilleas Aivazoglou born in Thessaloniki in 1948.
He studied painting at the School of Fine Arts under Yannis Moralis and portable image and fresh with Mr. Xynopoulos.
 and other private and public collections
1968-1971  Decoration Studies at the Vacalo School,Athens.
1974-1979  Studies in Academy of Fine Arts in Athens awarded a scholarship twice.
1979            Graduated with honours on Byzantine Art.
1980            Appointed to a post of a High School teacher.
1981-1986   Successful career as a teacher of Art in Secondary Schools and a 6-month seminar attendant.
1986             In an artists’ contest he was awarded a 3-year Goverment Grant for postgraduated studies.
1989        In stuff membership contest, he was apointed as well-qualified lecturer at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. (Department of Restoration of Antiquities and works of Art).
1989 up to now Successful career and promotion to the post of professor assistant in the Higher Education school of Applied arts,  A-TEI, Athens.
1990              Artistic designer of educational publication on Applied Arts for Technical Lyceums.
1991              Published articles in the <<Newshellenic Letters>> journal.
1976 Cyclos gallery - Thessaloniki
1977 Art Arcade 13 - Athens
1978 Cyclos - Thessaloniki
1978 Ergastiri - Larissa
1980 Diogenis - Athens
1981 Cyclos - Thessaloniki
1982 Kreonidis - Athens
1983 Kochlias - Thessaloniki
1984 Kreonidis - Athens
1985 Kochlias - Thessaloniki
1986 Argo - Athens
1987 Tsigaras - Karditsa
1987 Trigono - Kifissia
1988 Apocalypsis - Nicosia, Cyprus
1989 Angathi - Athens
1991 Argo - Athens
1992 Iris - Athens
1992 Apocalypsis - Nicosia, Cyprus
1993 Epsilon - Thessaloniki
1993 Gallery “F” - Karditsa
1995 Aenaon - Athens
1998 Gallery “F” - Karditsa
1998 Ersi' s - Athens
2001 Apocalypsis - Nicosia,Cyprus
2002 Zannetidis - Athens
2002 Trigono - Kifissia
2004 Ekfrassi - Glyfada
2004 Gallery “F” - Karditsa
2005 Chrysothemis - Athens
2008 Gallery “F” - Karditsa
2010 Argo - Athens
Between 1978 and 1988
Successful participation in 40 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.
In 1989 and 1990
Successful participation in International Group Exhibitions in Bulgaria,Cyprus and Greece
The painter has virtually received the favorable criticism on behalf of certain Greek art-critics and University professors in History of Art . Paintings of the artist are found in the Ministry of Civilization, in the National Mortgage Bank and other private and public collections.
His works are in the Ministry of Culture, the Mortgage Bank, the Municipal Gallery of Patras, Lamia, Karditsa, Mytilene, in the Museum of the City of Athens

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